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  1. Engineering student develops water filter that costs just Rs 20
  2. Silicon identified as 'missing element' in Earth's core
  3. New 5D tech may help diagnose diseases from cell phone images
  4. CSIR set to launch Rs. 400-crore startup fund
  5. Selfie bug catching on, with adverse psychological effects
  6. Rule of the robot
  7. Microsoft has been awarded with a patent that details a new type of mobile device which can both act as a smartphone and a tablet
  8. Hyperloop high-speed transport system proposed for 5 Indian routes
  9. LIGO India likely to be commissioned in 2024
  10. Molecules tied into tightest knot ever
  11. Our universe contains two trillion galaxies: Study
  12. Fight against malaria needs to include cattle-sheds too, says new study
  13. Techies’ innovation to ease cultivation
  14. New low-cost, more power efficient LEDs in the offing
  15. Our universe contains two trillion galaxies: Study
  16. Scientists working on batteries that won’t explode or catch fire
  17. Stem cell treatment could be a proven therapy for diabetes, autism
  18. Low-cost, efficient LED lighting developed
  19. Startups chip in with career tips for students
  20. India becomes Associate member of CERN
  21. New soft robot can keep your heart beating
  22. New Model Could Help Scientists Design Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis
  23. 3D Printing Has Potential to Create Wearable, Stretchable Electronic Devices
  24. Ultra-Precise Chip-Scale Sensor Detects Unprecedentedly Small Changes at Nanoscale
  25. IT-B students develop app for children with speech disabilities
  26. First baby born using 3-parent technique to treat infertility
  27. Materials Containing Berkelium Different Than Expectations
  28. Green shopping bags made from shrimp shells could save the planet
  29. Genetically modified mosquitoes may help fight against dengue virus
  30. Marvel microbes may explain how complex life evolved
  31. Novel solar-powered bicycle to combat air pollution
  32. New home kit allows men to test fertility on Smartphone
  33. New AI system can understand, see like humans
  34. Recycled eggshells can be used for next-gen data storage
  35. DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2016 930 Top Technologies)
  36. Green shopping bags made from shrimp shells could save the planet
  37. Your name plate on the moon, for a price
  38. Scientists simulate Mars mission
  39. Scientist discovers 'Super-Earth'
  40. Scientists Create Atomic Scale Nanoribbons
  41. Microbiologists Make Big Leap in Developing 'Green' Electronics
  42. Sitting too long makes you fat, age faster: Study
  43. UGC NET examination on January 22, ‘digi-scoring’ to be used
  44. Draft Learning Outcomes
  45. Panel recommends quota for girl students in IITs
  46. GATE 2017: All what you need to know
  47. HRD seeks feedback to measure ‘learning curve’ of students
  48. Now, Indian universities will need top ratings for foreign collaborations
  49. Nod for polytechnics to turn into engg colleges
  50. Tata Steel announces Women of Mettle scholarship programme for female students from selected engineering institutes in India
  51. HRD ministry plans national entrance test for B.Ed
  52. UGC journal list under fire
  53. AIMS admission Notice

Courtesy: Department of Library & Information Science, Tripura University.