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  1. Microfactory may help recycle e-waste, reduce disposal hazard: Study
  2. AI may help search for gravitational waves: Study
  3. Reliance Jio's next big bet: Laptops with a SIM card
  4. New weapon in malaria fight - a better bed net
  5. How raising an eyebrow helped humans evolve
  6. Why bots, not humans, make news go viral
  7. Study: Global warming is weakening key ocean circulation
  8. Humanity's first flight to Sun set to launch in July: Nasa
  9. World Water Day: A positive message amidst a daunting global crisis
  10. Devastating ocean heatwaves on the rise, says study
  11. NASA’s new Mars lander set to launch next month
  12. Zero-waste smartphones closer to reality: Study
  13. China’s new smart road will be able to charge your car
  14. Google Unveils AI System That Can Isolate an Individual Voice in a Crowd
  15. NASA Says Humanity's First Flight to the Sun to Launch in July
  16. NASA to study how tiny sea creatures affect Earth’s climate
  17. IIT-Delhi to establish lab to develop 5G equipment
  18. Tapping solar energy from everywhere possible
  19. What is the Carolina Reaper and how hot is it on the Scoville scale?
  20. More than 1 drink a day may cut lifespan: Study
  21. AI can enhance smartphone microscopes into lab-grade devices
  22. Establishment of an Online National Network to list all the Scientific/Technical/Analytical/Research Equipment/Facilities procured with funds provided by the agencies of the Government of India
  23. CBSE says JEE questions are all original
  24. Have Maths phobia? Govt forms committee to tackle fear among students
  25. More of practical knowledge
  26. Beyond the realms of rote learning
  27. Number of engineering seats to go down by 80,000 this year
  28. SC, ST, OBC Engineering Students Learning At Faster Rates: Stanford Study
  29. Former PM Manmohan Singh Donates 3,500 Books To Panjab University
  30. Weakening roots of India’s STEM talent
  31. IIT Roorkee gets International Class Hydraulic Turbine R&D Laboratory
  32. Call for Oriented Research&Technology Development Proposals on “Materials for Energy Storage” (MES) - 2018
  33. Call to Higher Educational Institutions to be Part of UBA
  34. Call for IREDA SSS-NIBE AWARDS in Bioenergy-2018
  35. applications for participation in 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Conclave, Durban, South Africa(25-29 June 2018)
  36. Indo-Canada Joint Call for Proposals Improving Occupant Survivability in Buildings During Fires Using Innovations in Structural Engineering, Materials Science and Cyber-Physical Interfaces
  37. Sanction of IMPRIITT-II Initiative'
  38. IMPRINT – Round 2 (IMPRINT-2) A technology development initiative of MHRD and DST(Deadline for submission of PRELIMINARY PROJECT PROPOSAL has been extended up to APRIL 17 (TUESDAY) MIDNIGHT IST
  39. Call for proposals under strengthening component of Star College Scheme from UG colleges of India
  40. Announces the call for letter of intent under “Biotechnology Career Advancement and Re-orientation Programme for Women Scientists”
  41. Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme (ISJRP), 2018-19 : Blue sky research/basic research in the life sciences
  42. Microwave 500W CW Solid State Power Amplifier (DR-17.01)(Last Date:20/04/2018)
  43. Development of 3 Concentric Rings for Aero Engine for Special Application (AF-17.02)(Last Date:20/04/2018)
  44. Universal Green Load Bank (N.17.05)(Last Date:20/04/2018)
  45. Automatic Inflation Mechanism for Life Jacket (N.17.04)(Last Date:20/04/2018)
  46. Multi-Platform Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Engine (MPMSDF) (N-17.02)
  50. Rurban Innovation Challenge (Last Date:7th April,2018)
  51. How to raise money for Railways to provide better Services (Jan Bhagidari)
  52. National Level Open Challenge Competition– “Solution to Problem” – DEFEXPO 2018
  53. Vitamin D Deficiency - 3 Symptoms to Identify it!
  54. Flax Seeds (Alsi) - 6 Health Benefits You Never Knew!

Courtesy: Department of Library & Information Science, Tripura University.