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  1. IITs do all but research in engineering
  2. New wi-fi system to provide 100 times faster Internet
  3. IT-Kharagpur develops superpower drone BHIM
  4. First liquid biopsy for blood cancers developed
  5. European Space Agency's Jupiter mission set to launch in 2022
  6. Skinny jeans may impact women's health
  7. Chemistry on the way out for BE students?
  8. Pluto should regain its planet status: Experts
  9. Climate change: The world entered ‘uncharted territory’ in 2017
  10. Presentation software ‘toxic to education’
  11. Women scientists focus of three Indian science journals
  12. The source of lipids
  13. IIT-Kharagpur to get supercomputing facility
  14. Mother’s education key to child’s health
  15. India ranked 131 on Human Development Index, bracketed with Pakistan and Kenya
  16. Scientists switch on ‘artificial sun’ in Germany’s Juelich lab
  17. Five new sub-atomic particles discovered
  18. A peek into the future
  19. New vaccine against rotavirus proves 67 per cent effective in Niger
  20. Google Maps unveils new real-time location sharing feature
  21. Six seconds to go from 0-60 km/hour; IIT-Guwahati students create engineering marvel for safe racing
  22. To achieve global ranking, government must focus on research in educational institutes
  23. A brewing debate on evolution theory picks up in India
  24. IT Bombay researchers find a novel target for blocking cancer metastasis
  25. Engineers Design Microfluidic Device That Generates Passive Hydraulic Power
  26. AcademicInflation: A big reason why our education system needs an upgrade
  27. Here’s the list of 23 fake universities in the country
  28. Bajaj group to start engineering college in Wardha from June
  29. CBSE mandates 2-semester system from Class 6 to prepare students for board exams
  30. CBSE seeks QCI help for accreditation framework
  31. CBSE Std X gradesheet to get a makeover from current session
  32. CBSE pushes all-work-no-play agenda
  33. NCERT Textbooks for CBSE Schools: Online Indent Received For 51.61 Lakh Books
  34. NTS to hold most of CBSE entrance tests from 2018
  35. UGC letter regarding e content
  36. Time for remedial measures to correct skewed spread of engineering education
  37. NASSCOM foundation to impart employable skills to 3400 engineering students
  38. 10,000 plus modules available on ePG Pathshala website as Open Educational Resource
  39. Academic audit of varsities soon
  40. AICTE move: Engineering syllabi to undergo revision to meet industry needs
  41. UGC asks universities to include Aadhaar, photograph in degrees
  42. Internship must to get engg degree’
  43. IIT Roorkee declares GATE 2017 results, check now
  44. Top 10 universities in the world
  45. Wastewater key to solving global water crisis: UN
  46. Why waste water as crisis situation looms large?

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