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Tripura University

Brief Profile of the Department


Year of Establishment:


Director of the Centre:

Prof. S. Debbarma


  • A Symposium on Reflection on Present Education System in India from a Gandhian Perspective Organized by Centre for Gandhian Studies, 10th November, 2014

Address of Communication:

Centre for Gandhian Studies, Tripura University, PIN - 799022

Number of Gandhi Fellows:

4 ; awarded scholarship of Rs. 3000/- per month from Gandhi Smiriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi

General Activities of the Centre since 2007:

a) Organised Quiz Contest on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Mahtama Gandhi on 2.10.2007 among the students of TU
b) Felicitation programme for Gandhi Smriti Fellowship Recipients on 20.11.2007
c) Drawing Competition on “ Life and Struggle of Mahatama Gandhijee” on the occasion of Martyr’s Day, on 30.1.2008 among the students of Government College of Arts and Crafts, Government of Tripura
d) Speech Competition on “ Youth, Non-Violence and Mahatma Gandhi” among the students of Tripura University on 5.3.2008 and Smt. Papiya Pal , Dept.of English was the winner of the competition
e) Dialogue with the youths of Tripura University on “ Youth, Non-Violence and Gandhi” and Play on “ Samrat : The Last war of Asoka” on 13.3.2008. Dr. Savita Singh, Director, Gandhi Samriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi was the Chief Guest of the programme
f) Environment Awareness programme by Gandhi fellows of the Centre on 26.4.2008 at Nutan Nagar Girls’ H.S. School, Agartala
g) Popular lecture on “ Bangla Sahityer Gandhijeer Chinta – A case study of the writings of Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay by Dr. Himdri Banerjee, Guru Nanak Professor of History, Jadavpur University, on 6.5.2008
h) Quiz Contest among the students of Ram Thakur College , Government of Tripura, by Gandhi fellows on 25th September, 2008
i) Popular lecture on “ Mahatma Gandhi’s Approaches to Communal Harmony and its relevance” by Prof. I. sarkar, Department of History, North Bengal University, West Bengal on 19.11.2008
j) Extempore Speech Competition on “ Mahatama Gandhi and Indian Freedom Struggle” on the occasion of Martyr’s Day, 30.1.2009 among the students of University and Colleges of Tripura.

Proposed Annual Program of the Centre:

  1. Youth Summer Camp
  2. Speech Competition on the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi among the students of schools, colleges and University
  3. Debate competition on any aspects of Freedom Struggle of India and Gandhijee, among the students of Colleges and University
  4. Drawing Competition on the life of Mahatma Gandhi
  5. Canvas painting workshop on the life and struggle of Mahatama Gandhi, among the artists of State and region
  6. Essay competition among the students of colleges and University
  7. Lecture series programme on different aspects of Mahatma Gandhi
  8. Publication of lecture series
  9. Observance of Birth and Death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
  10. Cleaning programme in any areas of the State
  11. Environmental awareness programme among rural people
  12. Health awareness programme
  13. Extending teaching activities among the dropout students and poor students of the State
  14. Collection of manuscripts related to Gandhi as published in regional languages
  15. Opening of Diploma Course on “ Mahatma Gandhi’s Thought and Practices”
  16. Developing the Gandhi Library and opening of Documentation Centre
  17. Publication of News Bulletin/ Magazine
  18. Organizing Seminar/Symposium/Workshop on Gandhijee
  19. promotion of comparative studies and research on Gandhijee
  20. Promoting more fellowship programme on Mahatama Gandhi