VC's Message

VC's Message

The vision of Tripura University stands for Pursuit of Excellence. “Education is a precious diamond and ethics is its halo”, said Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and accordingly Tripura University is marching towards the pursuit of excellence. It has been truly manifested that excellence is the greatest responsibility in higher education. Especially in the University education at the regional level, there are many challenges and opportunities.

Tripura University was established in 1987 and it was transformed into Central University in 2007. Tripura University in its 31 years long journey, has established its credentials as a top ranking education institute in the Northeast. Higher Education in Tripura has been developing both horizontally and vertically. There is a need to participate in a large number of the literate segment of society in higher education in a more effective manner. The literacy rate of Tripura is more than 98% which is probably number one in the country. However looking into the participation of the learners in Higher Education is not much satisfactory. Hence the gross enrollment ratio of Tripura University students should be improved and increased. In order to bring total changes in the higher education of the state, Tripura University is thriving very hard.

Tripura University has more than 45 departments and it has also a Distance Education Centre. Further Tripura University is also conducting a number of experiments through NSS (National Service Scheme) and it has adopted more than five villages for connecting University to the society.

Accordingly to Knowledge Commission, libraries described as knowledge resource centre. It is very interesting to note that Tripura University library is well developed. It has a rich collection of books and e-books. Knowledge Commission has recommended to transform the libraries and laboratories as public institution. The laboratory facilities in Tripura University are unique and noteworthy. The researchers at Tripura University in the Department of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Life Sciences are conducting various research projects. They have recorded outstanding achievements in the field of Science and Technology as well as in Engineering.

Very recently Tripura University has established Department of Education and it has also Integrated B.Ed course. Looking into the various integrated courses of social sciences having BA, MA these experiments have been very much successful. Further Tripura University is planning to establish more than professional courses. These courses will be initiated after UGC approval from next academic year. Some of the highlights in these courses are School of Liberal Arts, Master of Social Work as well as Master of Archeology/Tourism Administration and other courses in social sciences.

Tripura University also aims to establish a centre for Policy Studies, centre for Yoga Studies and it is also planning to establish new courses in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. Looking at these various new innovative courses and skill development courses, it is very interesting that we are stabilizing our B.Voc course in Film and Television as well as Rubber industry. We are also planning to start new courses in Mushroom Growth and Horticultural Development, Food Processing etc. These new courses will be a bold step ahead in future.

Looking into all these efforts, I appeal to all the student learners and community segments to participate in the process of total change through education in Tripura. In order to make Tripura University Light Liberator and Protector of higher education in the Northeast. I am very much confident that Tripura University will be a model University in the forthcoming decade.


Prof. V. L. Dharurkar
Vice Chancellor
Tripura University